Whether it is a large stone patio or outdoor living space you desire, or perhaps just a quaint perennial bed or cutting garden, Firlit Landscape Design is capable of projects of varying sizes, budgets, and compositions. The following is a list of some of our requested services.


With a combination of a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and over 15 years of practical in the field experience in the landscape industry, company owner and designer Steve Firlit is qualified to meet with you and discuss your potential project and get you started in the right direction.

Landscape Design

Perhaps the most important step in a project, a well thought out design separates great landscapes from mediocre ones. After interviewing the client and analyzing the site, designer Steve Firlit then uses his thorough knowledge of art and design principles to produce a comprehensive, practical, and distinct design.


Whether you need a dramatic front foundation planting scheme or a grouping of trees for privacy, we install plants with proper soil amending and horticultural practices. All plantings come with a warranty period.


No better way to announce your front entryway than with an aesthetically pleasing walkway. We can properly select and install a material to compliment and add elegance to your house.


Probably the most used space in the yard, a properly designed patio combines artful form with function. Our patios are designed with the client in mind, and careful attention is paid to how they intend to use this space. This will help dictate size, shape, and perhaps material for this outdoor living area. Our patio designs are truly unique and are installed with the highest craftsmanship.

Pool Projects

A pool is just a single element in a backyard. Pool companies are great at selling and installing pools, but often without thought to plantings, patio spaces, fencing, and/or lighting. Firlit Landscape Design can take all these concerns into consideration with the formulation of an overall master pool concept and design. After that point, we can manage the construction and installation to provide you with that resort like poolscape of your dreams.

Retaining Walls

Walls are quite often more of a functional element to a property often stabilizing slopes. They don’t necessarily have to be boring. We can properly select a structural yet aesthetic block or stone from the array of materials that are available. Like all our hardscape installations, we construct to meet or exceed the industry standards.


Need to get from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ but there is a slope? Let us come up with a creative and unique solution using natural stone or manufactured decorative block.

Water features

Nothing brings serenity to a garden quite like the sound of falling water. Whether it is a quaint decorative fountain off a small porch, or a larger backyard focal point that includes a pond and waterfall, we can introduce that soothing relaxing sound into your landscape to suit your lifestyle and budget.


Properly placed light fixtures can add dramatic ambiance to a landscape and house while safely illuminating walkways and paths. With the technology of today’s low voltage systems and fixtures, we can design and install lighting schemes to enhance the nighttime appearance of your landscape, with an efficient use of power.

Special Features

Our creative artistic spirit often has our clients asking us to design and build various sculptural and/or architectural elements for their properties. Arbors, gates, custom pots, and statuary are just some of the ‘other’ things we can create.