Initial Consultation

After contacting us, we set up a mutual time for Steve to stop out and visit you for an initial consultation. The purpose of this meeting is to get a sense of what your dreams and aspirations are for your home or property. It is also a chance for Steve to do a site analysis of the property. Details like sunlight conditions, wind directions, views into and out of the site, locations of utilities, etc. will carefully be documented so that when it comes to developing ideas, proper sizes, locations, and materials are used in the design. Initial thoughts and ideas from both parties will be tossed around to try and narrow down your desires and expectations. After a quick review of what is seen and discussed, Steve can then quote you some ballpark figures as well as a cost for putting together a landscape design.

The Design Phase

Upon, the initial consultation, Steve will then take things to the drafting table where his expertise and artistic ability will produce a beautiful solution for what he believes will fulfill your needs and desires for the project. He will make sure that no detail is overlooked and that the design meets or exceeds your expectations, is aesthetically pleasing, and also practical.

Review of the design

After the design is near or at completion, Steve will contact you to set up a review of the design. This review will occur back at your property so that Steve can walk through the design with you and answer any questions you may have. Once you have a complete understanding of the design, any necessary changes or adjustments can then be made.

Construction Estimates

Once you are happy with the design and any modifications, the project can then be priced out. Projects are routinely broken down into logical steps and priced separately so that you end up with a ‘shopping list’ that provides you with how the project can be phased out along with an understanding of where your money is going.

Implementing the design

After a verbal agreement on construction costs, a formal contract will be drafted up. To be placed on our construction schedule, the contract must be signed along with a deposit of routinely one third to one half the project cost depending on size. You will be given a tentative start week for your project. As we get closer to your starting week we will contact you to nail down an exact day and time once we have a better grasp of the weather and how the current project at the time is progressing.

Steve not only designs your project, but once the project is started, he manages it as well as participates in its construction with his own experienced installers. He feels his time in the field is as crucial as his time designing the project in order to make sure no detail is left undone.


Success of your landscape is dependant upon proper care for it. Steve will provide you with instruction on how to properly care for your landscape and/or refer you to someone that will follow up with any occasional maintenance.